School Fees

The Yanginanook School fees for 2023 are on the table below. Discounts apply for siblings and upfront yearly payments.

School fees include all text books, sporting fees (swimming, gymnastics, tennis, etc) and other school resources.

There will be extra costs for excursions.

A separate contribution of $100.00 per family to the Voluntary Building Fund ensures that adequate maintenance and repairs can be made to the school grounds and buildings. These contributions are tax deductible. 

1st Child2nd Child (15% discount)3rd Child (30% discount)
Annual FeeAnnual (Reflects Discount)Termly (x 4)Monthly (x 12)Weekly (x 44)Annual FeeAnnual (Reflects Discount)Termly (x 4)Monthly (x 12)Weekly (x 44)Annual FeeAnnual (Reflects Discount)Termly (x 4)Monthly (x 12)Weekly (x 44)
Years 1-6$4,932$4,685$1,233$411$112$4,192$3,983$1,048$349$95$3,452$3,280$863$288$78
Years 7-8$6,897$6,552$1,724$575$157$5,862$5,569$1,466$489$133$4,828$4,587$1,207$402$110
Years 9-10$7,608$7,228$1,902$634$173$6,467$6,143$1,617$539$147$5,326$5,059$1,331$444$121

* 2nd child in a family will receive a 15% discount, 3rd child will receive a 30% discount and 4th (youngest) child in a family will be FREE (no school fees payable)

* All figures rounded off to nearest dollar

Voluntary Building Fund (per family)$400.00$100.00
  • Maintenance fees of $720 per year will be charged with the first term’s invoice, deductible off future invoices if volunteer hours are done
  • Weekly amount runs for 44 weeks (excludes 8 weeks of the year)
  • Grades 9 and 10 includes supplement of $170/term to cover elective subjects
  • Building fund to be paid separately, either on an annual or termly basis
  • Annual fee increase will be set according to Australian National CPI, subject to the school Board’s discretion