Meet Our Staff

Dedicated Staff

Yanginanook School provides a caring, positive and encouraging work environment for all of its staff and community. 

Our teaching staff are dedicated to living out their Christian faith in their own lives and in the day to day running of the school environment. They are zealous about teaching and learning. Staff members participate regularly in professional development courses to ensure the proficient and effective delivery of the school curriculum, with up-to-date technology and resources.

All teaching staff employed, including casual teachers, need to be highly qualified and experienced in order to meet the dynamic needs of our multi-stage classrooms.

To ensure the diversity of our student needs are met, we provide a high adult-to-child ratio by employing teaching assistants.

Ann Russell

Teaching Principal

I have been the teaching Principal at Yanginanook for 15 years. This means I actively teach in our classrooms part-time, giving me the unique opportunity to work closely with all of our staff and students.

Over the years it has been an absolute joy for me to watch the personal growth of each student. My four children attended Yanginanook during their primary school years and each are grateful for the home-like schooling experience they received. As a family, we found that sibling relationships were deepened and strengthened through the multi-age learning environment. 

Overall I have been involved with Yanginanook since the year 2000 and I love it! Witnessing our growth into High School has been a privilege. It is exciting that we can now provide an individualised education setting where both children and teenagers learn that they are uniquely made in the image of God – and that He has great plans for them.

Outside of school, I love to spend time with my family and my grandchildren. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and running around Narrabeen Lake.  


Chantelle O’Callaghan

Lower Primary School Teacher

I have been a teacher at Yanginanook for 5 years. I am privileged to teach years K-2. I take great joy from seeing the progress the children achieve in their social development and overall education. One of the great benefits of being a part of the Yanginanook community is being able to build meaningful relationships with both children and their parents. This is by virtue of the fact that we interact with the children and their parents for an extended period of time through our composite classes.

In my spare time I enjoy learning about world history, current world events and researching my family tree. I love to walk and have set myself a goal of walking at least 5 km a day, every day. My husband and I are keen travellers and we look for every opportunity to explore something new.

Nathan Ravesteyn

High School Teacher

I love being a full-time High School teacher at Yanginanook! I have a passion for fostering young minds, helping them to grow into helpful, happy young adults who live an active life of self-acceptance and fulfilment.

I teach a variety of subjects and recognise that no two students learn in quite the same way. I have seen how large-scale mainstream methods of teaching can seem too punishing for many students. That’s why I am excited to be working in an alternative educational setting. A place where I can teach students in ways that feel natural to them.

Yanginanook is a fantastic school. It shines due to our student to teacher ratio that is more favourable for academic growth and social tutorship. The smaller scope of our school also cements my teaching role with each student, as they don’t change teachers each year or even for each class. This means I have more opportunities to connect with students and am more able to teach them in a meaningful way.

I love teaching at Yanginanook and am excited to teach your children.

Grenville Kent

High School Teacher

Grenville’s Bio Here


Neo Orth

Part Time High School Teacher

I joined Yanginanook February 2023 after a break from teaching high school.
“Yangi” is a great school to teach at. The staff are friendly and very helpful, sharing their own experiences and tips from their years in the profession.
I am humbled to have wonderful support to enable me to be the best teacher I can be.
                                                                                                                                  Earlier in the year, I enjoyed time at the Primary School teaching art – sharing my creative skills and knowledge with the little ones. All of them so creative and willing to learn!
                                                                                                                                     Now I am teaching at the High School, teaching Visual Arts, Personal Development and Health, and some maths.
                                                                                                                                            I am a local mum with two teenagers. Outside of school I enjoy painting, drawing and running art sessions for the community. My passion has always been to share my creative skills with other like-minded people.                             

Lau-Chi Stevenson

Language Teacher

My name is Lau-Chi and I have been teaching Japanese at our school for over 20 years! For me, the importance for students to learn a language and its culture helps students get a better understanding of the world. I also believe in making lessons fun! Yanginanook is a ministry from God to teach and nurture children for God’s Kingdom.

Kath Purkis

School Chaplain

I am a teacher’s aide and chaplain at Yanginanook. I work in both high school and primary school classrooms, supporting student learning as well as preparing resources for the teachers. As chaplain, I also care for the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the students. 

I teach because I believe that this is the age where the most vital development in young people occurs. My aim is to create positive experiences for all students so that I can have a positive impact in each young life. 

I love the Yanginanook environment, the work culture, the students, the ethics, the school surroundings, and pretty much everything about this school! I especially love that the staff care about more than just the learning of the students, but also the welfare and future of those they teach. 

There are many activities I like to do including; horse riding, arts and craft, reading voraciously, hiking, coffee catch-ups, youth leading and anything church related.

Kim Mukuka

Finance and Operations Manager, Teacher

I am passionate about Christian education and have spent 6 years teaching in Christian primary schools in rural NSW as part of my 12 years’ teaching experience. I then spent 8 years living in Zambia, Central Africa, establishing and running a school for orphans and vulnerable children, and this involved the finance and management of a school rather than teaching.

I am married to a Zambian man and we have three adolescent/teenage children.

I’ve been back in Australia since 2020 and I’m really enjoying this aspect of working at Yanginanook as well as a bit of teaching work. I love to see children’s lives impacted for Christ and Yanginanook is the perfect caring environment to foster relationships and show children how to view the world through a Biblical lens.

Brooke Russell


I am the administrator for the school in both Primary and High. I work closely with the Principal Ann and the Finance and Operations Manager Kim. I absolutely love this school.

I went to Yanginanook for Primary School and have loved watching it grow into the school that it is today. Looking back at my experiences at Yanginanook, I found that the multi-age learning environment and home-like schooling experience has helped me immensely in life. It taught me that it was okay that people learn differently (some at a slower rate and some at a fast rate!) and that everyone is unique and gifted.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, baking, video games/TV, art & craft and enjoying time with my family.