How to Apply

Enrolments for 2025 are now open for both

high school and primary school!


Yanginanook has an open-door policy where families/carers considering our school are encouraged to book a school tour. We are much smaller than other schools in our area about allowing us to approach education differently to most schools. Our teaching Principal Ann Russell takes families/carers on the school tours and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Yanginanook. Any questions or queries you may have about our school, will most likely be answered by her on the tour! On these tours, you will be shown around the school as well as have an opportunity to meet some of our teaching staff. We encourage parents/carers to bring the student you want considering enrolling to allow the student to see Yanginanook and ask any questions they might have themselves. To book a school tour, or to ask any questions, please send us an email or phone the school.


Enrolment Procedures

After you have had a school tour, enrolments are processed carefully with consideration based on the individual needs of potential new students, as well as the on going needs of current students. Once the necessary forms have been returned, an enrolment meeting may be set up with your family and the appropriate teaching staff for your child. Again, this will be an opportunity to ask any further questions.


Special Needs Students

Yanginanook has successfully educated students with special needs, with many of our staff having training in this area of education. All students undergo the same enrolment process as outlined in our Enrolment Policy. The parents/carers of students with special needs are asked to define the learning needs of their child so we can assess whether we have the means to teach your child in the most effective way for their individual needs. In certain circumstances, we may need to seek the advice of an external specialist to realistically determine whether we can meet the needs of your child in our small school.


Click here for Yanginanook’s Enrolment Policy