Creative Arts

Yanginanook offers a variety of Creative Arts for our students. From music, visual arts, to drama and dance, our students have the opportunity to try out many forms of creative arts!

Each term, our visual arts program is tailored to the terms topic, allowing the students to further develop and understand their overall learning experience. Our students undertake art lessons together in a dedicated learning block and are given the freedom and guidance to develop their artistic and creative abilities no matter what age or ability they are at.

Our students also participate in music lessons including singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments. Students are taught how to read music as well as play the recorder.

At the end of each school year, students help to write and decide the story for the Christmas Play. Each child is involved in learning his or her lines, designing costumes, making props and stage settings for their performance. Our upper primary students help to lead this end of year production and are given big roles to help develop leadership and ownership over the play. Not only is the end of year production featuring the school play, but we also do a school wide dance item as well as performances learnt in their Japanese classes.

In the past, students have also created their own dances to perform at the end of year production, and we love encouraging them to practice and learn a dance together!