A Unique Christian School

Welcome to Yanginanook

Yanginanook is a small non-denominational Christian School located in Belrose on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Our innovative and challenging programs are based on the NSW syllabuses and the individual needs of each child so that everyone has the opportunity to excel. For 40 years, Yanginanook has successfully educated students with remarkable results.

We are a unique multi-age K-10 school. We have established a secure and fun learning environment where students want to come to school and learn. We provide each child with a balanced education in a supportive and motivating classroom that promotes creativity, confidence, self-discipline, excellence in learning and competent social skills.

Our multi-age environment caters for all students, including those who are gifted and talented and/or experiencing learning difficulties, encouraging all children to succeed and reach their potential.

We believe that every child has God-given gifts and abilities and that these are to be nurtured at school.      

High School Development

The year 7 to 10 temporary campus is currently at Frenchs Forest Baptist Church while the school finalises building plans for new High School Building. This will enable further growth of the High School. 

Unique Christian School

We are proud to be different. Instead of moving towards a larger institution, we have remained a small, Christian community that can individualise the curriculum and prioritise the individual needs of our diverse student body.  Our students work together in a stimulating learning environment that promotes mutual respect, positive behaviour and excellence in learning – without the negatives of peer pressure and unrealistic expectations.  Children come to school each day and experience the reality of working together in unity as a community that aims to meet each other’s needs.